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help Migraine/Headache

These can be due to cranial compression, excessive tension and or chemically based.

Migraines and headaches may occur in those with unresolved birth related trauma. Birth trauma affects the growth and development of the brain and tension of the cranial membranes. Research into the brain indicates that the cranial/spinal membranes and fascial sheaths/connective tissue coverings that they are associated with are particularly pain sensitive tissues.  In addition to this the foramina or holes in the skull that provide an outlet for important blood vessels and nerves impinged through birth trauma can cause recurrent pain and headaches.

Almost all headaches I have found to be related to neck tension and as a result treatment focussed in this area can be very helpful.  They are often also related to misalignment of the jaw or malocclusion of teeth from birth trauma, dentistry, orthodontic work, falls and blows to the head.  However they can also arise from problems elsewhere in the body and spine, for example an overactive spinal segment in the lower back that causes impingement of spinal membranes that reciprocally affect the membranes inside the cranium and cranial bones giving rise to a migraine/headache. Headaches and Migraines are also often as a result of toxicity from medications (in my experience to include the contraceptive pill/contraceptive injections), liver problems and amalgam fillings.

help Sinus Issues

help Hayfever

help Jaw/teeth problems

help Recurrent Sore Throat

help Neck Pain, Stiffness

These may just arise from poor posture, overuse (sitting looking at a computer for long positions), sleeping poorly or in awkward positions (commonly twisting your head sleeping on your front), unresolved birth trauma/whiplash or previous injury, driving for long periods under stress, general stress and referred from overuse of shoulder/arm.

A combination approach of craniosacral therapy, fascial unwinding and deep tissue massage and sports therapy techniques can work wonders at relieving pain, increasing range of motion and preventing further tension and re-injury.

help Frozen Shoulder/Pain

help Breathing issues/asthma/infections

help Digestive Problems

help Hip Pain

help Cystitis

help Knee Pain

help Shin Problems

help Ankle Sprain/weakness

help Tinnitus, Glue Ear, Dizziness, Balance issues, ear infections

help Upper Back problems

help Scoliosis

help Lower Back Pain

The most common pain complaint of our times. We generally sit for a living at computers. The state of spinal compression and in lots of cases repetitive poor posture can cause a gamut of problems. I am often asked ďis it the nerve, the muscle or the bone that is the cause of my pain?Ē Especially in the case of lower back pain or lumbago as it is also named, it can be all three that are affected, not to mention ligaments and many other associated structures that may have been damaged or have degenerated over time. The combination of my skills is great when a three pronged approach is needed to alleviate pain and help regain function.

Arthritis and Auto immune diseases also affect the lower back. Invasive types of hands on therapy are generally not recommended for these conditions and how deep the treatment should be is dependent on the nature, extent and severity in each individual. The good news is that the light touch of craniosacral therapy that I offer can provide a safe alternative to reduce inflammation, increase mobility and reduce pain.

Lumbar (Lower Back) Disc Problems are commonly silent until the disc compresses a nerve root where upon excruciating pain, weakness, numbness, shooting sensations and lack of mobility may ensue. Every treatment with me involves a full spinal assessment so that if there are any disc issues they can be identified as quickly as possible to prevent further damage and where possible to reduce the need for surgical intervention.

help Tennis Elbow

help Wrist Pain, Numbness, Tingling, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome,RSI

help Sciatica

What is sciatica? Sciatica is an overall name for a collection of symptoms such as buttock pain, shooting pain in the buttock, leg, calf and foot, numbness and pins and needles in the aforementioned areas. It happens as a result of compression or irritation along the sciatic nerve pathway. It may or may not be accompanied by lower back pain.

In 15-20% of the population the sciatic nerve travels through a deep rotator muscle of the hip called the piriformis.  Piriformis syndrome is a variation that involves a shortening of the Piriformis muscle which may trap or impinge the sciatic nerve as it travels through it. 

Commonly sciatica involves compression at the sciatic nerve roots emerging from the two lowest lumbar (lower back) vertebrae and sacrum (triangular base of the spine before tailbone).

Causes of sciatica include:

  • Damage/herniation of spinal disc (bulging disc)
  • Nerve root compression (where spinal nerves emerge from spinal cord)
  • Spinal stenosis (narrowing of spinal column housing spinal cord)
  • Soft tissue or myofascial (muscle sheath) tension (also has been referred to as pseudosciatica)
  • Can be related to Sacroiliac (between base of spine and hip) joint dysfunction

Craniosacral therapy is excellent at helping decompress any lumbar nerve roots, decompress and free up the sciatic nerve along its length, reduce myofascial tension and open the sacroiliac joints. Deep tissue massage and soft tissue release and trigger point therapy help release areas of muscular holding and shortening throughout the path of the sciatic nerve and any other related areas.

I have found this is a very effective method of treatment that can be maintained easily once the problem has resolved usually between 3 and 5 sessions in acute cases.

help Hamstring Problems, Tears

help Calf Muscle Tear/pain

help Achilles Problems

help Tiredness

Whether this is a case of stress, poor sleep, illness or injury or a combination of all, the adrenal glands get burned out releasing excessive and ongoing amounts of stress hormone Adrenalin leading to exhaustion. Deep, extended, rhythmic, slow and Specific Pressure Point Massage such as Trigger Point Therapy switches off the Adrenals/Adrenalin release and switches on the relaxation response of your nervous system for deep rest and better quality sleep to restore your energy. Itís the same after effects as exercising your body but if you are tired or injured it may not be a good time to exercise. I'll be doing all the work for you to give you a passive workout so you donít have to lift a finger to get all these biochemical benefits!

help Sleep Issues

By Lowering Adrenalin and Cortisol levels associated with the fight/flight response of stress, deep extended and slow rhythmic massage may help you sleep more easily, reduce wakefulness in the night and increase your periods of deep sleep. Deep Tissue Massage also switches on sleep via switching on the relaxation response of the nervous system.

help Anxiety / Stress

Deep, Slow, Rhythmic and Specific Massage in particular stops the release of stress hormones such as Adrenalin and Cortisol and releases feel good hormones like Serotonin, Oxytocin and Endorphins. Deep Tissue Massage In combination with Craniosacral therapy gives you two therapies working together so double the benefits to de tune down from stress, soothe and help stabilise your nervous system.

Please note Massage Studies at the famous Touch Institute/University in Miami have scientifically proven in the case of slow, deep, specific rhythmic Massage all the biochemical (neurohormonal) benefits listed above.

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