Testimonials from Clients

“Sangi has been a breath of fresh air in my life.  I had gone years without knowing the benefits of deep-tissue massage work before I was referred to Sangi but her treatments are so much more than that.  The unique combination of her skills treats the whole body and individual. 

She has eased aches and pains and worries that have evolved over many years and showed me how to alleviate them in the years to come. 

I cannot recommend her highly enough for anyone recovering from injury or simply trying to cope with the stresses and strains of modern living.”

Andrew Eaton, Film Producer

“Whilst training for the London Marathon this year, I sustained a ham-string injury which left me unable to run & walk comfortably.
If it hadn't been for Sangi I wouldn't have been able to complete my goal!
It wasn't just the actual treatment but her invaluable care & advice on how to limit the down-time to a minimum, also ensuring that the injury wouldn't recur at a later stage.
 It didn't & I had a fantastic race with NO physical problems, all thanks to Sangi!
When I re-evaluated the whole Marathon experience, I truly believe that my regular visits with Sangi not only stretched & re-aligned the physical/muscular, but focused my mental well-being which proved to be a very important factor in my success!!” 

Chanel, Firefighter

“In late 2007, I began training for the 2008 London Triathlon. Some weeks into my training I began to suffer from a painful shoulder which became unrelenting.

In the course of combined craniosacral and sports massage work, Sangi realised that the shoulder was a secondary injury actually stemming from the right side of my jaw linked to past dentistry.
The combination work helped re-establish the correct position of my jaw, neck and shoulder and helped free up the soft tissue and nerves that link the three areas.  The pain reduced to nothing in my shoulder and I was able to resume my training and get back on track.

Sangi is extremely professional and she has an in-depth knowledge of anatomy, physiology and bio-mechanics. I highly recommend her treatments. "

Paul, I.T. Manager

“I’ve been seeing Sangi for around six months now and she’s been a constant rock throughout. I’m amazed how she can easily assess my needs and gently touch parts of my body knowing exactly what treatment I need that day. Sangi’s cranial skills have for the first time reduced my lifelong headaches.   I feel my head and neck are free from aches and now move easily.

I’ve also had quite an emotional time rebuilding my self-confidence, which Sangi has certainly helped. One of the best things about Sangi is that no matter how much you have been floundering she will put you on the right path and set you heading in the right direction.”

Jackie, P.A

“I would describe Sangi’s treatment as a total holistic experience in that it helps you to relax, free your mind and feel more open in your body. 

As an opera singer and singing teacher I rely heavily on my lungs, chest and voice box. This treatment helps prepare me for my work both mentally and physically as well as addressing the after-effects of singing and long hours working and touring away. 

Sangi’s judgement and instinct to know the priority of treatment for each session coupled with her professionalism and courtesy allows me to relax completely, knowing she will adapt the treatment to suit the prevailing needs at each session.”

Mark Oldfield

 “I feel the treatment is a vehicle to facilitate change, both physically and mentally, in order to improve every aspect of one’s approach to living. Therefore each session allows for a greater alignment of the body with the mind.

The quality of the experience is completely due to the skills, perception, understanding and knowledge of Sangi.

Overall it has become a very positive and integral part of my wellbeing.”

James, Artist and History of Art Teacher
(more from James: general thoughts on treatment)

“If someone asked me to describe Sangi in three words, I would say; “calming, with an amazing (inner and outer) strength, coupled with a deep understanding for one’s needs” ….. It’s not exactly three words but three key attributes.

I was referred to Sangi by one of her current clients a year ago, and it was a great referral.  No matter what type of treatment I receive from her, I always walk away feeling energised and liberated.” 


“Sangi takes time to understand the root causes of your problem and uses varying treatments to achieve the desired result. She is very personable and demonstrates a wide knowledge of different therapies which she always applies appropriately. She is incredibly intuitive often identifying the problem before I have said anything!

I have seen many hands on therapists over the years and I can truly say that Sangi has been the most talented therapist I have met.”

Matt, Management Consultant

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