Pregnancy Massage/Treatment

Craniosacral and Massage therapy to help you with:

  • Conception
  • Your first trimester (nausea, adjustments in the body for the developing baby)
  • Balancing hormones, Lowering blood pressure and Boosting energy
  • Promoting health of emerging baby and preparation for birth
  • Post labour to help your recovery and strength.
  • Changes in the body for 2nd and 3rd trimester, for example alleviating the stress of extra weight
  • Assisting the realignment of musculoskeletal areas that went through strain of giving birth
  • Help with adapting to new baby, for example poor sleep, demands of being a parent whilst trying to recover from labour
  • Long term recovery from Labour and pregnancy especially if spinal blocks, epidurals were given which could result in dizziness, headaches, numbness, lower back and sciatic pain months and years after giving birth.

  • pregnant woman

    Please note: Craniosacral therapy is safe throughout pregnancy and Massage from 3 months in pregnancy and may be adapted to suit you for e.g. seated, side lying positions. I have lots of experience helping keep you comfortable whilst treating you effectively.

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