About Sangi

Sangi previously suffered from debilitating neck pain, gut problems and chronic fatigue before finding a solution to these problems through a combination of hands on therapies. She first hand understands why an integrated treatment approach is necessary for effective repair and recovery. Inspired by her experiences of recovery; she set about to train specifically in those modalities that helped her and then fashioned an approach to combine them in professional practice. Her unique treatment approach fluidly combines Craniosacral Therapy, Deep Tissue Massage, Sports Massage and Sports Therapy allowing her to help a broad spectrum of problems for people of all ages and needs. It is her experience as both a former patient and now therapist that allows her to really understand and apply what she knows to best help you.

Sangi is an Advanced Level Sports Therapist (L5), Deep Tissue and Sports Massage Specialist, Craniosacral Therapist, Anatomy, Physiology and Professional Massage Lecturer and Meditation, Mindfulness and Stress Reduction Trainer. She has worked in Complementary Medicine for the last 12 years. She trained primarily in Sports Massage and Injury Management at St Mary’s University, Craniosacral Therapy at The College of Craniosacral Therapy and Sports Therapy via The Sports Therapy Organisation/Active Health Group.

She is noted for her heightened ability to tune into your body to identify all contributory factors to where the problem or problems are occurring, establish their root causes and use a variety of techniques to achieve the desired results. Many of Sangi’s clients have commented that she just instinctively knows how to hit all the right spots. If you are tired of treatments that are non specific and don’t hit the right spots deeply enough, then Sangi’s treatments may be the right ones for you.

Having suffered from debilitating neck pain, IBS, Chronic Fatigue / M.E. she has come to understand how an integrated treatment approach is necessary for healing the body and transforming the self.

She specialises in treating upper back/neck and lower back problems, post pregnancy problems, dental/jaw problems/misalignments, sports injuries and headaches.

My story


At 17, I sustained a neck injury tearing ligaments that rendered all movements painful and fatiguing. Having an unresolved neck problem led to suffering from Irritable Bowel Syndrome a couple of years later and then at 20 full blown M.E/chronic fatigue.

I tried a variety of different approaches during this time to help myself that unfortunately aggravated the pain or precipitated unmanageable reactions for e.g. insomnia and dizziness.

An inspired referral led me to a craniosacral osteopath. Although initially I experienced some discomfort following treatment, after a couple of sessions I found it to be the least reactive and yet most powerfully altering treatment I had experienced. I was amazed that something so gentle could have such a profound effect.

Many people noticed that I grew taller, I found myself much less fatigued, lighter and my digestion, skin and sleep all improved not to mention my original aggravating symptoms of neck pain and immobility.

I started to realise how interconnected all my difficulties had been and how the other therapies I had tried treated them in isolation. Through the training I subsequently undertook, I recognised that the vagus nerve that travels through the neck to supply most of the internal organs and in particular the digestive ones had been trapped. Therefore this nervous restriction, unresolved over a length of time led to a state of multiple body systems compensating creating an eventual chronic fatigue state.

Craniosacral therapy was able to link and treat all my body systems simultaneously, restore my body’s ability to self heal, accessing its deepest vitality and as a result helped me to achieve a full recovery from the M.E/chronic fatigue.

As I got progressively stronger I found that sports massage really helped reinstate my musculoskeletal system to its former glory and beyond.

Experiences of recovery through Craniosacral Therapy, Fascial Unwinding, Deep Tissue and Sports Massage inspired me to train specifically in these areas to help other people. I would like to help people not only with chronic health difficulties but use my skills as a preventative treatment for all.

Training and Qualifications

Sports Therapy and Sports Massage training involves:

  • In depth study of anatomy and physiology
  • Being able to assess and recognise areas of dysfunction and injury
  • How best to treat problems through postural, functional and gait assessment and through a wide range of hands on techniques.

  • Craniosacral Therapy training involves:

  • Study of the entire body for e.g. muscular, digestive, skeletal body systems
  • Detailed and broad knowledge of anatomy, physiology and pathology and how this relates to treatment.
  • Fine palpatory skills are honed in relationship to all body systems and tissues
  • Specific techniques for problems such as headaches, sinus problems, jaw and dental issues, digestion and birth trauma are incorporated into the core treatment that looks to restore the deepest health of the body.
  • Fascial Unwinding: a movement based therapy to unwind the body’s connective tissue network to overcome injury and restrictions to increase range of motion and function.

  • Qualified in:

  • Sports Therapy
  • Craniosacral Therapy
  • Sports Massage
  • Sports Injury Assessment and Management
  • Anatomy, Physiology and Holistic Massage
  • Postgraduate professional development in:

  • Denistry and Cranial Work
  • Transverse Diaphragms
  • The STAIRS method
  • Advanced Massage
  • Somatic Dialogue


    Highlights of Sangi’s Career

    Working with individuals for the London Marathon, Triathlons , Ultra Marathons and Sporting Events

    Gethin Jones to enable intensive training and overcome dance related injuries to reach the final of BBC1’s “ Strictly Come Dancing”

    As Sole Appointed Injury and Treatment Consultant for “A” List Cast and Crew of Fernando Meirelles “360” Film starring Ben Foster, Anthony Hopkins, Rachel Weisz and Jude Law.

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