Sports Massage

deep tissue massage

This is a vigorous treatment that is best known for promoting the health of muscles, tendons and ligaments through increasing blood flow, releasing lactic acid and breaking down scar tissue.

It also works to promote general health through blood and lymph circulation and effecting beneficial changes in the nervous and hormonal systems.

Treatment involves advanced massage techniques incorporating strong kneading, stripping and stretching movements and specialised stretches such as Muscle Energy Techniques.

Excellent for helping recovery post activity or injury. However you don’t need to be involved in sport to benefit as its great for general health, helps prevent injuries, reduces pain and general muscular tension.

Benefits of Deep tissue, Injury and Sports Massage

  • Relaxes tight muscles to restore their function through deep stretching, re-establishing nerve and blood supply and creating warmth.
  • Breaks down/realigns scar tissue for healing injury
  • Increases Flexibility, Elasticity and Tonicity of muscle
  • Reduces anxiety and increases alertness via nervous system response
  • Decreases Cortisol (stress hormone) and lifts mood
  • Improves posture and Promotes body awareness
  • Helps prevent injuries, sporting performance and recovery


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